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Award-winning innovator and teacher,
Dr. Deborah Streeter
With more than two decades of experience accelerating learning with thoughtful applications of technology inside and outside her classroom, Dr. Deborah Streeter will take you quickly up the learning curve on mobile devices by sharing approaches that have been successful in a wide variety of courses at Cornell University.


PhD Student,
Romi Kher
Romi is currently a PhD student in the department of Applied Economics & Management at Cornell University, with a focus on researching small business development and entrepreneurship in the developing world. Along with Dr. Streeter, Romi has helped refine and implement the workshop strategies in Cornell classrooms. At Flip The Switch, he will help demonstrate how to best implement these techniques in the classroom and address general technology queries and challenges. His goal is to enhance classroom learning by incorporating the educators natural style with these technologies.
Prior to Cornell, Romi worked for the National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) and also holds a Bachelor’s degree is Hospitality Management and an MBA, both from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Manager of Media Production,
Jamie Kalousdian
Jamie has been working with Dr. Streeter since 2004 on technology and media management. His background includes educational technology and corporate video production. He coordinates the efforts of the Media lab as well as creating new web content for educators. He has a particular interest in the content as he has been dubbed both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur having a small company of his own and pushing the envelope of "employee" at Cornell.

Media Production Specialist,
Manuel Lora
Manuel produces the high quality interviews and related content for eClips. He is responsible for hundreds of cases and thousands of clips. Manuel's passions include photography and enthusiast of "Austrian Economics". Manuel has a B.A. in Mass Communications. He worked in broadcasting in New Orleans prior to Katrina and through a series of events he landed in Ithaca with us at eClips.

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